Root Samsung Galaxy ACE NXT (SM-G313HZ)

30 Jan 2015 android

I purchased Samsung Galaxy ACE NXT (SM-G313HZ) two months ago and went through several failed attempt to root the phone. Odin is used a lot to root such phones but I was missing a custom recovery.

Yesterday I found the correct CWM recovery for my phone which is codenamed as Vivalto. Using this recovery I successfully rooted my phone and installed SuperSU on my phone.

Here is a list of tips and things needed to root the device.

Before You Start

USB Debugging Mode

Install CWM

Install SuperSU

You should have seen SuperSU installed in your app drawer. Update SuperSU from Google Play Store later. Open it to double check if the phone is rooted correctly. Here is some screenshots of my phone verifying that root was successful.




If you are thinking of uninstalling bloatwares, follow the post Samsung ACE NXT (SM-G313HZ) Bloatware List and uninstall them.