[Solved] Google Play Accessible Using Mobile Data, Fails Over WiFi

26 Apr 2015 android

Accessing Google Play Store from Android phones and getting the error message “connection timed out” - this is a very common issue for Android users. There are TONS of threads out there regarding this problem.

It had been one month since I couldn’t access Google Play Store using my wireless router. My connection is good to go. Surprisingly I could log into Google Play using mobile data connection. Weird, right?

Each time I opened Play Store app, I got this error code after the loading animation spinning for several times. Even I tried to install apps from Play Store Web, but I got this error in my phone statusbar.

Update for Gmail could not be downloaded due to an error 921

Then I found that it was an issue with MTU of my ISP. So I shell’ed into my droid and fired up this command.

adb shell
ifconfig wlan0 mtu 1400 up

After pressing “Retry”, Google Play Store was alive in my phone. Viola!